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August 02, 2014

Drawing Chloé...

I had the pleasure to draw my daughter Chloé in very special conditions today. I had the great honor to be invited to join french artist François Legrand in his studio, while he was painting my daughter.
Strangely enough I didn't feel nervous in this new situation and place, but I had some trouble finding my way drawing. I have done a few workshops and some reading lately which have offered me new understandings. During the session today I felt I must draw and explore more to put in practice what I think I have learned. It didn't surprise me, it's just that I felt it's urgent!! I'm ready for more hard work!!
The drawing here might "have something of her", but I need it to get more structure and underlaying strength. That's what I should work on!
Hopefully Chloé can continue posing for me as she does so very nicely...

January 07, 2014

My Moleskine; page 1 of 2014...

We never know what the new year has to offer,.. concerning my own case, and as we have to put some energy in making things happen, I'll do my best to draw more again. I know it will give me peace and inspiration if I fulfill my plan. 
That's for this part of my existence... 

June 12, 2013

I guess I can publish this one now; here comes Bosse...

Here we have a watercolor sketch I made lately of my still friend and before that also teacher Bosse (and today musician!) during most of school years when I was "little". That period of our lives was spent in the south of Spain in the seventies and the eighties (at least for me) The watercolor is made out of a fotograf, as Bosse is living in Sweden now. The painting doesn't live up to that picture, which was really nice, but I hope it will do and that Bosse is as pleased as he sounded.

Thank's to facebook (a bit cliché by now... but still; THANK'S to facebook!) I found Bosse and many  of my childhood friends some time ago. It feels precious for me to know where they are, and to be able to write or get news any time, and even visit some. Most of us didn't manage to keep in contact back then, and we all (almost everyone) moved and spread out in different's parts of the world after high school or before that. It makes me feel that the ones who shared those years with me, are like a big family with a "different kind of life" in common, and it's great to have them back since a few years.
As I said it's precious for me! (I'm a little nostalgic tonight!)

March 13, 2013

My Moleskine today...

Went sketching and for lunch with Laurent (Rossi) today!
Weather was sunny, but very cold. Loads of snow and it felt a bit like a day in the mountains. We talked a lot, (or maybe I talked a lot), drew until we were ice cold and went for lunch grabbing each other so we wouldn't fall on the slippery pavements.
Very pleasant in all ways! Here is a sketch of him in action, while he did a beautiful drawing that I look forward seeing finished soon. : )
You can see Laurent's nice work on his blog
I love what he did on this particular post, I invite you to have a look :

March 08, 2013

My "homework" done...

My son and I went to see an exposition today, and also for quick lunch at a "brasserie", where I got enough time to catch him sitting in front of me... 

December 25, 2012

August 26, 2012

My Moleskine today...

Our last days of vacation are coming to an end. My son Alix is getting better, but we have adopted the "slow mood and rest option". Myself, I have not so fun with my broken muscle or rib... Feels more like the worse of them today, whatever that can be. I hope the 12 hours trip back home won't be too painful.
Here are a double page doodles of my son Alix, the last few days.

June 15, 2012

Watercolor portraits of Bertrand and Didier...

This is Bertrand and Didier attending figure drawing session.
I decided to paint them today as I didn't have a very good view to see the model today.
It was great fun to paint them both. I hope they recognize themselves a little.

June 11, 2012

May 31, 2012


This is my daughter Chloé, a portrait sketch painted this afternoon...
I hope I'll get myself to paint her again soon, as I found it mostly inspiring. I would like to get her better than this, she looks a bit young here and some things makes here look just not how she is. : )

May 21, 2012

Quick "portrait"...

This sketch is not very good and it's a bit messy in some way, and for me it doesn't feel "finished". But I rarely go back to work on my sketches after a session, I prefer leave it as it is and try to do better next time. This was a fast sketch so the result will have be enough, when done in the conditions it was painted. Enough, also because it makes me want to do better next time and paint again soon... What could be better than that? 

February 17, 2012

Watercolor today...

Watercolor portrait done during figure drawing session today. Did a second one of the man to my left, but he asked if he could have it, so I gave it away.