A page with what inspires me now and then. Most probably it's about places, moods, athmosphere, art, books, light, shadows, patterns, materials, plants, stones, water, shells, skies, horizons, people, animals...

It should be a good sign when you you open your sketchbook and satisfaction is felt about what is in it. If it's not the case it most probably  mean you have learned more since and moved forward. Always stay critical about your work and to yourself to keep reaching out for improuvement. 

I had the opportunity to meet up with my artist friends Juankar Cardesin, Nieves Bordel and Ana Undurraga in San Sebastián. We had great day together with huge artist Juankar who shared his workshop with many many big and small paintings and much more. Here are some pics in memory... 

Visit Juankar's Instagram, he's a huge master artist who should be in many galleries and museums: 

credit photo : Nieves Bordel 

Nieves and Ana

I went to see the exposition at Fondation Custioda, Paris. 
Master drawings from Pouchkine Museum. A beautiful mix of drawings, in style and time, that I recommend you to see. I could't resist to do some investments in documentation, and I ended up with the book about Turner's sketchbooks, long seen on the shelves of that store. : ) A treat to myself. 

Here is a preview of Rodin's sculpture of Camille Claudel, mentioned in the previous post, with studies of her. This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with French magazine "Pratique des Arts" with an article about how to express light in watercolor. 
(Article featured the menu: "Press and News" and:

Yesterday I had a day out. For some reason my son asked me not to be home. So it was then the best occasion to do visits I have had long long time on my to-do-list. First I went to Lorenzi's, in Cachan near Paris, and as I expected this atelier for sculpture reproductions is very impressive. You feel like you travel back in time. Beautiful vibes and light on on all these magnificent chapes. It would be lovely to be able to work there for some drawings and paintings. I ordered a head of Camille Claudel that I can pick up next week when it's hopefully dry and finished. So happy I finally went ! 

After Lorenzi visit I had still more time so I went to Musée Bourdelle. The sculpter Antoine Bourdelle's museum in Paris. The city is so rich that one can clearly live a lifetime without having seen it all, so this was a first for me. Beautiful and calm place, no entrance fee, but you can leave some money in a box. I haven't studied Antoine's life yet so much but his master was Rodin himself and Antoines work is quite different from Rodin's but very impressive too. I let you get a glimpse of the studios but many statues were so big they didn't fit in my screen. 

A few images from Milos, Grece, where a spent last week. Wonderful island, beautiful beaches all different from each other with clear and colorful waters and rocks, good company and nice meals, yoga practice and painting sessions... many ++++ 

A few pics from amazing Portugal...

I love green and the smell and sounds of the woods...

Long time without feeling emotions from a colorful sky! Longing for another season, nature and air. 

A pic from one of the good moments last month, Marrakech and its great mosque in the sunset. I understand how some artists got so captivated by these north african countries and their exotisme. 
A short stay but nice, very hot too end of september. I love the crickets songs at night, so loud. 

Wow, almost a month since last pic. A month with more or less complicated situations to deal with. Hopefully peacefuller weeks are to come. Even though all wasn't bad since, there where big contrasts between good and bad. Stillness is better for me to work with, I need to avoid trouble to stay in peace. Last end of week I found time to work in my studio and the happiness came back although I thought I maybe lost "it". The happiness I finally felt when starting to work in my studio after the summer was back.  

We create connection and belonging to our environment and things that are part our lives. I'm someone who can get rid of my belongings, many rather easily. But some are around since my youth. We adopt things and places like we have to belong to where we are. After ten years with this view I've ended up really liking it. In particular when sky is this blue and clouds are fluffy with ranges of white to dark grey and even blue blue... so "resorting" to look at. 

With regret I'm a slow reader. When a book pleases me I can't just rush it over. I do read books in several languages, which is nice when you prefer the original version or when you can't find it in your desired language, but I'm a quite slow reader, but it happens I read several at the same time. I haven't finished my summer reading yet and I have more piling up now. Received the second part of Hockney biography yesterday, a book that puts me in good mood before night sleep.  Maybe if I could be disciplined and reserve more time for reading would be the best solution. Somehow it's very inspiring to have piles of books waiting for you!

"La voie lactée"


Beautiful sky tonight. Here one of my favourite views of town. 

Sunset in the city is better than no sunset at all, but I miss the sea and its horizon...

Painting and drawings gives an excuse to sit still contemplating in the woods...

A beautiful "cream colored" tree in Jardin de Luxembourg. 
I don't know it's name but magnificent in it's green environment...


My interest for plants grows. Feels like a passionate relationship. 
Here a Pilea peperomioides...

Cy Twombly is exposed at Musée Pompidou a few days more. 
I love the simplicity of some works, the energy, the color harmonies and the mixtures of drawing, writing, painting in many layers. Everything is permitted actually. Very inspiring. 

Rodin, who died a hundred years ago, has stopped ageing since. The "Grand Palais" in Paris shows some of his work for this occasion. An exposition worth a visit for the sculptures and many not so common and very beautiful drawings. 

Certain things impose themselves to us. If we are attentive to this and accept certain unexpected directions as we "follow the flow"... something will soon start to grow...

They are always there to comfort you...