June 10, 2010

Study, june 10 (Le Louvre)…

I went back to the Louvre and was lucky. The moment I arrived, the sun showed up and the light came through the glass roof , as a gift for me so I could catch the light and shadows. The rest of the day was grey and rainy.
I'll have to continue working on this quind of watercolor... with more spontaneity and simplyfication with just the right colors and values on the right places, letting details out and, of course, all that right away... just EASY like that!
This one is for my daughter Chloé, who came with me.


DSM said...

Someone HAS to say something! This is beautifully painted. NICE, NICE, NICE!

Helen Ström said...

Thank you !! Feels good with reactions from others.
Comments are always welcome.
=: )

ole947 said...

You achieve a simply beautiful balance of detail and simplicity and thus the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.