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Helen Ström
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  1. madame, sur les conseils de Marché Folly, nous serions intéressées, une de mes amies et moi, pour prendre des ćours d’aquarelle avec vous.
    Nous avons contacté l’atelier du passage mais n’avons pas eu de réponse.
    Pouvez vous, s’il vous plaît nous dire si ce serait possible?
    Très cordialement.
    Sylvie Husson

  2. Hi. My name is Rasheda Harvey, an Art Teacher at Grand Bahama Academy. I'm from Grand Bahama, Bahamas. I'm working on a PowerPoint Presentations for my students. Your drawings are ideal for what I'm trying to explain to my students. Classes are online and it would make it so much easier. Would you be so kind to allow me to use one of your drawings for reference? Could you respond to your earliest convenience. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

  3. Hello Rasheda,
    than you for your interest in my work.
    You can show my work as a reference if it helps your class, and I'm glad if it does.
    Warm regards,


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