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I'm a Swedish born artist, who grew up in Spain and who lives in Paris since many years. I am lately very pleased to be able to share my work and teaching experiences with an everyday growing community of artists and art lovers.

I paint and draw "portraits" of  anything that seizes my interest. Most of the time there is light, shadow and water involved. I praise the "act" more than the eventual result. I love to draw and feel how things slowly become my mental possession, through a comforting and soothing process. A relationship is created with the subject, which dictates the result. Improvising is part of my process of creation, I need it's surprises and errors to which I constantly must find solutions.

Observation allows to sharpen the capacity to see and it offers the beauty of things around us. A simple sketch or study can increase interest to what seemed indifferent at first sight and add depth to a casual object or sense to an ordinary day. 
Painting and drawing from life offers me a state of mental poise and delight, while my essential need is to capture and release my impressions.


"A Morandi hanging on a gallery wall.
At Mouton-Rothschild they choose a small Balthus drawing to illustrate one of their labels. Even a teetotaler would be encouraged to buy the bottle.
Folon draws cards to Giorgio. And Helen refers me to them. Or was it I who told her?
Her paintings lead me to the "azoriniana" poetry of Neruda : "I would do with you what spring does with the cherry trees"
Arikha insists, again and again, with his magnificent drawings on Japanese paper. And Steinberg in his landscapes, full of lyricism and devoid of any complex.
Helen should not have, either, complex. Because she daily walks through the streets of Paris with her bag full of gorgeous notebooks.
It is necessary to create one's own world to be an artist.
Helen has."
                  Severo Almansa 

"Un Morandi cuelga en la pared de una galería.
En Mouton-Rothschild eligen un pequeño dibujo de Balthus para ilustrar una de sus etiquetas. Incluso un abstemio se animaría a comprar la botella.
Folon dibuja las cartas a Giorgio. Y Helen me remite a ellas. ¿ O fui yo quien la avisó?
Su pintura me envía a la azoriniana poesía de Neruda: "Desearía hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos"
Arikha insiste, una y otra vez, con sus magníficos dibujos sobre papel japonés. Y Steinberg en sus paisajes, plenos de lirismo y carentes de cualquier complejo.
Helen no debe tener, tampoco, complejos. Porque pasea a diario su bolso por las calles de París lleno de cuadernos magníficos.
Es necesario crearse un mundo propio para ser artista.
Helen lo tiene."

                  Severo Almansa


  1. Your work is lovely. I envy your living in so many different places. :)

  2. Thanks a lot Carol! Yes with age, I'm understanding the luck I had to grow up in the 70-80's and the way of living then, but also the migration we/I did. For sure it gave me insight and understanding of cultures and but above all compassion for others. Many of those I know stay in groups with same origins, tastes, social level etc. Something that repulses me. Now, I've lived in Paris for so long I'm feeling it's time to at least get a house in a lonely place near waters I can swim in again, and also to be able to paint the nature. I hope that this dream will come true soon, it's time to move on!
    Thank you again for stopping by and expressing your feelings about my work!

  3. Hi Helen,
    I love your work. I particularly love the soft, sensitive and soothingly vibrant manner in which you treat all your subjects. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the processes posted on your blog. You are indeed a well spring of inspiration. Thanks so very much for sharing your delightfully intriguing journey.

    Blessings in Abundance

    PS. How about Jamaica for that quiet place on the beach. :-D

  4. Ingrid,
    thank your for your words and visit. I just realized I never answered you back, I'm sorry.
    Yes, now autumn is pointing it's nose and Jamaica sounds just great right now!!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Any way to subscribe to your blog to receive notice of any new posts? Thanks.

  6. Hello TAC,
    Thank you for your message and interest in my work.
    I've just added the possibility for mail subscriptions in the right column under the introduction. I hope you find it and that it works. Let me know if not.
    Kind regards,


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