Moleskine sketchbooks

Studies from life... in watercolor and graphite

 Sketch with Atelier Lorenzi inspiration

Camille Claudel's head (by Rodin)

Maranta in jars 

Sea shell studies

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris


Paris, views from my kitchen window

Grandville, Normandy

I could paint apples forever

Having fun with Mint studies

"Violettes sauvages"

Le Louvre, Paris

Musée d'Orsay

Le Louvre

Jardin de Luxembourg

Musée George Pompidou 

Peonies with Bic pen

Explorations with ink

Alix, my son

Chloé, my daughter

Alix my son 

Museum of fine art, Richmond Virginia

Alix, my son, sick in bed a few years back

Animal friendly zoo in Valencia, Spain 2012

In Paris' cafés

Mauritius sketches

Chloé and Alix 

Visiting Chloé in New York

Alix resting

Sketching with artist Laurent Rossi

New York sketches

Life drawing, La Grande Chaumière, Paris

Le Louvre, Paris

St Briac, Bretagne
South of Italy

Algarve, Portugal

Dinard, Bretagne

Jardin des plantes



erico said…
Love your work.
Helen Ström said…
Thanks a lot Erico!
A reaction here and there helps to continue! Thank you for your precious words, that went right to my "heart" today!
Barkleigh2 said…
Your work is stunning! Simple, fresh, beautiful! Thank you for sharing, it inspires mr.
Julia B.
Helen Ström said…
Thank you for sharing your impressions Julia, it helps!