December 31, 2011

Good habits for 2012...

To end the year with the beneficial feeling of a good habit,... here is a sample of my new resolution for the new year to come. I've decided to work harder with more research, discipline and method!

More doodeling in my Moleskine...

Just drawing without without thinking of composition,... but hopefully it will turn out with structure.
And here follows a few double pages (that you might have seen or not) in this Moleskine, my companion of 2011.

December 29, 2011

A little doodling...

A little doodling of my son, who hates when I study him and he always warns me he won't stay still.

December 10, 2011

Oil painting under progress... "Next!"

That might be it! I better move to a new painting...
If you're interested in seeing the evolution of this painting you can go to my post:
(The vase look a little distorted here, that's my picture taking. The rectangular size get distorted by my camera, it's a difficult task taking good pictures of artwork. This will have to do for now)