January 16, 2011

Good habits...

I realise how important this habit could be to me. I should really keep doing this quind of sketches every day, it's fast, fun and stimulating as I discover and see plenty of new ideas and solutions. Bonnard did wonderful drawings before he painted, and his drawings really have it all, they are a just magnificient. I feel like taking a profound look again in my book of his; "Bonnard, du dessin au tableau".


Anais said...

I agree with you about how much important is "practice and more practice", Helen... I said it in my blog too: results are less important ;-)

senoaji said...

i like this.. i'm still learning to improve my sketchwork and watercoloring, hope that you can help me to do it by correcting my work. here is my blog that i built in september 2010..

best regards