Figure drawing sessions... (15)

I'm experiencing I stage where drawing feels easy. The crayon seems to draw by itself somehow, it runs over the paper and I don't worry about anything of what I see, everything looks clear. No worries, about about time or skills. My crayon just follows my guiding feelings and leaves its traces on the paper. Even though I listen to music while drawing, I have the memory of a very silent moment corresponding to each drawing.
I would tend to say that this is a state of grace! Before, it was something I could have the joy to experience once in a while, like something I didn't control. Lately this "magic" seems to be part of my drawing mood or state and if it's not there it's like the essence of the act of drawing is missing. Beeing able to draw under these conditions is like a precious gift to me. 
I have also clearly noticed that if something disturbes me under the execution of a drawing, if it deconnects me, it will show on the drawing. The part drawn after that moment will not look like it's part of the rest, as the "flow" from the start of the drawing was interrupted. To continue the drawing I would have to "pick up" the feeling or the "flow" again. We should always feel strongly when we are drawing, not just keep drawing without emotions. Drawing doesn't work that way. 
In fact, to me this experience clearly confirms the artist Avigdor Arikha's statement: 
"Drawing from observation is immediate. It requires the feeling: intense sensation, vision, velocity and instant execution. It does not admit any subsequent amendments that we would be noticed inevitably... When a head, an apple, a tree or a piece of bread, beat and subjugate, the hand will follow and communicate through the line or spot, the visual emotion."


marylu said…
Muy bonitos Helen!
Carlos León said…
Hola Helen, muy buenos tus trabajos!!
Helen Ström said…
Gracias Luisa y Carlos!!
suzanne cabrera said…
These are SO beautiful Helen! You make it look easy!