October 23, 2011

Oil painting in progress...

(picture taken without enough light, colors are not totally realistic)




I know it's "risky" to show my oil paintings under execution here. But! "So what?" What's life without risk? (ha ha). If this study doesn't turn out to be finished or just to be a mess I'll have to admit the failure, and that seems to be an honest challenge. 
So, anyway, this is what I've been working on this last week-end. I take pictures with my phone to make them easy to post here, and now when comparing the pictures, I see I do not only go forward when painting, I also destroy what is already painted to paint it over again. Which is not so good. I'll have to keep working on it, to avoid destroying what might be good to keep. 
Right now I can just imagine the joy of painting quickly and easily with lots of concentration and clear ideas of what I want to do, and how to achieve it. Even if I think that painting is always about research and solving problems and doubts, I would prefer it to be on some conceptual level instead of issues regarding only the technics of painting. My conclusion is that questionings and doubts will, or should, always be present when creating something... I hope mine will never leave me. 


Juan Llamas said...

I also use to take pictures with my phone. It´s very interesting seeing photos of pictures that already do not exist.

It´s "risky" to show drawings and pictures anyway. So what?

Nes said...

Hola Helen! Aquí me hubiera venido bien un traductor jaja, bueno, veo que estás disfrutando con el óleo, y los resultados, tan fantásticos como con el resto. No sé si habrá sido tu caso, pero mi profesor decía que después de pintar acuarela, se pinta óleo de maravilla. Happy painting! Un abrazo

Helen Ström said...

Estoy de acuerdo con Nes que pintar con oleo resulta mas facil que con acuarela. Tambien se pinta con mas tranquilidad y paz interior, enfin es lo que siento yo.

M. Antònia said...

Creo que te será más fácil pintar óleo ya que pintas muy bien en acuarela. Tienes el riesgo que no puedas quedarte con lo que sea bueno para ti, rehacer tiene sus riesgos. Todo este progreso es muy bueno. Todo sirve para disfrutar.

Marilyn said...

first studies...gracious...the genie is out of the bottle now, yes? Your paintings make me smile and your post was like a little pep talk, thank you for sharing with us.

Ed Cooper said...

Hi Helen, yes your brave, but looks like you pulled it off!...great to see you having a go with oils.