Figure drawing

A few drawings and sketches from todays figure drawing session...


"TORI CAT" said…
Beautiful drawings like always Helen :)
I think i have drawn this model too.
Thats a huge compliment to your work, that with just a few pencil lines i can recognise the features a person i haven't seen for 5years! :)
If i remember correctly he was a beautiful model with long dreadlocks and toned physic.
I remember his huge hair really made a strong impact in our drawings, making them really stand out. :)

Like always helen, thank you for sharing, and please keep up the beautiful work. :D
Nes said…
buf Helen...genial la síntesis...en negativo, en positivo, en su punto, libre, se ve que disfrutas, y eres trabajadora, camina dia a día, te seguimos. Un saludo
Helen Ström said…
Hi Tori! I think your are talking about the same model. He had something very gracious and rare, something between soft and strong, man and woman.
As I just draw on, without planning much more than the composition I get in my mind after the first look I take on the model, sometimes things turn out bit wrong. I do the measuring by letting my eyes "travel" around the subject while keeping my pencil on the paper just trying to let it react to what I see. In my opinion this way of drawing brings life to the final result, more than when we try to do an exact and identical drawing.
Like on my drawings here it looks like his head is a bit big, the torse a bit short... I think that his hair and head seamed big in relation to his body, because as you said his hair with dreadlocks were graphic and impressive.
Helen Ström said…
Gracias Nes, me imagino que no podria dibujar, hasta seria incapaz, si no disfruto haciendo lo. : )