March 28, 2011

Figure drawing sessions... (22)

I might have found a new place to draw... I explained before that I needed some change for my figure drawings. So I tried out a new place yesterday where i might be able to go once in a while. The studio is very nice, the attending people seem to be mostly english or american and they looked friendly and happy to be there, the model was inspiring too! So for now I don't have anything better to ad to this. 

March 24, 2011

Plant drawings... (1)

I needed to get back into my lonely work in my studio, to get into concentration again. This is the result for now. I will try to continue working on it for a while and I hope long enough to get to "unexplored phases and places". Every time I draw plants it feels so right with myself. I wonder why I don't do it more often. I guess it's only a matter of time and priorities. I'll have to turn it into a priority if I want to continue this.
As you can see it's a pine cone, and a bud from a chestnut tree. Yes there are buds on the trees here now! The pine cone is not "which ever" pine cone. I brought it home from New York, found it when walking in Central Park! Yes, I got a few specimens from there. I brought home some souvenirs you see, he he.

March 21, 2011

The Met…

A double page of sketches from a day at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

March 20, 2011

My daughter Chloé...


I present you my daughter Chloé, if it's not done already. She's a great source of inspiration for me. I'm happy for our stay in New York and for the moments we spend drawing together there, apart from all the rest she bring into my world...

March 19, 2011

My Moleskine today… (18)

Had the afternoon for myself today, so I went to see a drawings exposition at the Louvre. There were a few drawings really nice and worth to be seen, of Louis de Boullogne, who was the first official painter of the king during the 17th century. But it's diffucult for me to leave the museum without drawing myself... 

March 18, 2011

Figure drawing sessions... (21)

Here above are some of the results of today, a drawing of a longer pose and the short warming up sketches below. I'm really tired of having to accept the limits of the rules that dictates the work when participating with a group of figure drawers. Today we had a good session, with short and longer poses. The model, Christophe, was very good (an actor) and he was participating very professionally, which is not always the case with nude models. We talked, and he seems to have a very artistic philosphy, which explains why he seemed so "alive" while posing. He also expressed himself like he has a profound mind and view on things and life. It's nice to meet people like this once in a while.
I think it's maybe time for me to change workshop. How can it be so difficult to find the place that correspond to our needs?
I've also noticed that after a year and a half I need to change environment and tutorials methods. It has happend several times, if not every time. Time is out! Now I even feel like I only need my own intuitions and not those of a "teacher". WHO could know better than myself how I should do a drawing or the way to develop my drawings? I have to go on working and find my own solutions really. It's already the case but it has to be like more volontary, with more work and more emotions. And for that we're back to the starting point, the place and environment were we draw and who or what we draw and what it makes us feel are the secrets. I have to find the place, things and persons that make me feel strongly like drawing and expressing the images my mind creates out of those things!

My Moleskine today… (17)

Today I've decided to try to get to draw more regularly anywhere, whenever it's possible. Today it was in the metro, usually I feel kind of shy drawing there. Now, I'll have to get over that! he he
I'm going to fill this double page of my Moleskine up with unknown faces, or more parts of face and maybe some other stuff. 

Started the opposite page last time I took the metro. While drawing I noticed that the conditions, when drawing in a place like the metro, forces me to observe in a "urgent" way, to register with a clear and sharp image what I want to draw (not that I achieve it, but that's the only way to do it). Everything vanishes quickly... the attitude of the person, he might be hidden by other people or maybe he's even no longer part of the ride. So maybe next time I lift up my eyes, he's sitting somewhere else, turned around or simply disappeared... Some drawings are trembly because of the shaking old wagons that are still working in the Parisian Metro.

Figure drawing sessions... (20)

This is a drawing from the other days figure drawin session. I didn't do anything particularly interesting that day apart from this sketch... A drawing which I think is "living" on its own, even though very little is told here and the line work could gain in quality too. I see there is something to work on here, I would say it's a sketch to medit on for me.

March 16, 2011

My Moleskine today… (16)

Doodles of today, while waiting and killing time...
Spring is in the air! When waiting for my son's sport session to finish I could watch a lady plant some bushes in the yard just in front of me. Small green leaves are showing now, and the air is sweet and tender for the soul, "Vive le printemps !".

March 14, 2011

Drawings from New York...


Hi there!
Just back from New York after having spent a few days there with my daughter. We had a wonderful week together visiting and observing this amazing city. The weather wasn't good enough to do all the drawings we had planned, so I kept to my sketches of people (and my daughter, he he) in different places. It could be in the coffée shops, museums or in the metro, and as soon as the sun came out in Central Park or some other place in town.
It's not easy to draw in New York, it's enormously busy and noisy and lots of people mostly everywhere, which makes it hard to stay focused. The singers on the last page here, were performing in Central Park. There country music was good so after a few minutes I had fifty sundaywalkers between me and them, of course! The drawing would for sure turned out completely different if I have had more visibility... but even this small drawing can make me "travel back" to that festive heartwarming moment in Central Park, so it's just good enough for me.