My Moleskine today… (17)

Today I've decided to try to get to draw more regularly anywhere, whenever it's possible. Today it was in the metro, usually I feel kind of shy drawing there. Now, I'll have to get over that! he he
I'm going to fill this double page of my Moleskine up with unknown faces, or more parts of face and maybe some other stuff. 

Started the opposite page last time I took the metro. While drawing I noticed that the conditions, when drawing in a place like the metro, forces me to observe in a "urgent" way, to register with a clear and sharp image what I want to draw (not that I achieve it, but that's the only way to do it). Everything vanishes quickly... the attitude of the person, he might be hidden by other people or maybe he's even no longer part of the ride. So maybe next time I lift up my eyes, he's sitting somewhere else, turned around or simply disappeared... Some drawings are trembly because of the shaking old wagons that are still working in the Parisian Metro.