March 14, 2012

Watercolor sketch... "Against the light"


Sergio DS said...

Dan ganas de bebérsela.

L ROSSI said...

A sketchbook, a drypoint AND a watercolour post, all in one day! Quelle bonne journée :)

Helen Ström said...

: ) Me alegro!
No esta muy bien hecha, pero creo que es lo que prefiero; un dibujo a lo mejor con errores pero vivo mas que un dibujo perfecto y sin vida. Me gustan cuando dan la illusion que estan hechos en algunos instantes.

Hi Laurent, just catching up the scanning my friend!
An ok day anyway. This was like a first day of spring, don't you think? Hope you had the chance to stay out in the sun for a while like me.

L ROSSI said...

I actually did have a 15 minute break outside and it felt like I was away on holiday! :) Sooo good!