"Still life with green bottle I"...

Feeling like I'm loosing it all lately, for a while now, and it's difficult for me to work. So today I really forced myself to get something concrete done. 
I'm not sure weather I like this kind of painting, but it's good exercise, and my goal would be to "loose it up" a bit more. 
I'm questioning myself a lot about what I want to paint in general and in the future. Some ideas are taking form in my mind and I will have to work harder if I want to get there. I will also have to forget about being afraid of what is going to come out in that research, or if nothing good comes out at all. 
It's difficult sometime to say to oneself; "this is what's most important right now", today, the next days (or my for rest of my existence), whatever, but at least right now. 
What I believe is hardest in life, is to keep the faith in what I do. Many times I feel that what I do is so unimportant for those around me. That's when we better have at least a few friends who also think art is part of a decent life. 
Exercise to be continued... I hope!


cardesin said…
Aplaudo tu esfuerzo , ganas de superación y trabajo constante.
Y el arte es muy importante ,no sólo para los artistas , es importante para el universo en general.
Bravo Helen!
Filipa Malva said…
Dear Helen,
This is a first for me, but I couldn't agree we you more. It is much easier to keep the faith on someone else 's work... But, I can tell you that art is a big part of a decent life! Keep the faith (yours and mine)!
All the best,
Your work – at least some parts of your work – is truly important for people you even don't know! Sure it's not enough to keep faith, but it's not bad news…
Rajeev Mohan said…
Helen, this is a lovely painting. Very subtle and delicate. Looking forward to see more paintings from you.
Anonymous said…
Helen, I think the painting/paint sketch here is just beautiful. It is difficult sometimes to keep the creative momentum going, especially when it feels like everyone around us has no interest in, or does not understand how much of a regular routine needs to be devoted to the creation of art. Sometimes we have to switch off not only our inner critic, but also distance ourselves from well meaning loved ones who maybe negative about the amount of time we spend with our art.
What we think about today will become the reality of tomorrow, which is why experimentation, enjoying the creative journey and NOT worrying about the outcome is crucial at certain stages of our creative life.
Helen Ström said…
Thank you for your very comforting and wise words!!
Fortu said…
Helen you're a great artist, I love your work!!!!
Lydie said…
Above all, keep up the way of art, Helen. Your designs are always filled with sensitivity and this last one is absolutely wonderful. Go,go, Helen and happy paintings. Kisses !
Es una pintura delicada, sincera. Es maravillosa!
un abrazo
Perrine Renoir said…
keep on painting. when you feel like you must not paint, that's when you must paint all the more.
renate said…
I could have said these words. It's so familiar to me! I have had it a few times and it past away. Now I'm thinking; all the paintings I made, half of them are not framed, why go on? Well, I wait this one to past away. I hope you go on painting, your work is so beautiful!!