October 29, 2015

Apples on stripes...

Wow, time flies and october almost over. I've been away a week and when things are not as usual I find it difficult to keep up with everything, like updating my blog. It was lovely to be in Dordogne again, weather and autumn colors where beautiful so we were lucky. We also met really nice and charming people, which is not always the case.
This painting was done a few weeks ago, in my drawing pad. I should have something more to come up with soon again if I go through my sketchbook.
I find it hard to sit in front of the computer and that's why I'm posting less right now. It gives me headache, maybe my screen is too bright or something. I'll have to check that out.

October 02, 2015

In the woods...

Lately I'm trying to respect my desire to spend more time developing my own work. For now it's going quite ok and I feel relieved for this as my "painting with pleasure" is growing, which is important to get going. For that I spend a day in the woods, another day figure drawing and the rest of the week working in other ways.
The only engine that gives energy to "work harder" is to "work hard". To get started it could be taking the time to paint or draw anything just for pleasure and see what happens, in bonus it can lead you somewhere unexpected. To do it whenever possible is the best.
I'm already feeling more positive, it comes as soon as I'm back to work actually. When I get anxious is mostly when I don't work enough. Having been reminded about this (again) I now feel more confident about how I'll manage this coming school year, hopefully being able to develop my students and myself at the same time. Time will show otherwise maybe, but at least I'm trying and with a new fresh joy.