Denmark - Paris...

After a few wonderful days with my dear friend Gitte and her family, it was sad to leave and go back home. How come we can not be in several places at a time!!?? One piece of me would have been left there if we could. : )


edgar cabrera said…

Thank you so much for your kind comments. They surely made my day. I really love your blog and style. Saw your photo of you in cool! My wife and I visited a while ago and it was soooo cold I don't think she even attempted to pull her sketchbook. Truly...thanks for your comments...they mean a lot to me because they come from a very talented artist. Cheers!
Helen Ström said…
Oh, how nice to get an answer and such a nice one!
It sure is difficult to take the sketchbook and spend some time working on it when traveling. It is so tempting and so difficult too. Otherwise we have to share our time with someone who does the same thing at least a little, or who is at least a little interested. You both seem to do that? Or I'm I wrong? Must be nice.
I was happy my daughter suddenly started drawing while we where in Amsterdam, she grabbed her sketchbook and bought som pens. It was with great pleasure for me. Now I only hope she continues as she's spending some time in Virginia (Norfolk) to study.
Talent or not talent is the question, but most important is the time we spend drawing and thinking about how getting it better and more interesting, delicate, and strong or whatever. That's what's most fun about it,... working on it and feeling some progress... and of course the well being it procures, and I guess that's what's it's all about for me in the end. It makes me feel goooood!!!
Thank you for your nice words again.
"A bientôt"