Oil painting in progress...

I declare this "Done and enough!" 

A new state a little further, after forcing myself to deal with this problem I had in my mind about the background. I wasn't sure about how to paint it until starting yesterday, unconsciously I had made up my mind to keep a yellow but a more neutral one, and it turned out quite right, (if I don't change my mind again). Looking at the painting, (not the photo), the background has something about "air" in it. I've always wondered how painters do to achieve that. It might be just a question of tone in relation to the rest, of what I found out here. It's not texture as I thought before, but maybe that too, and variations of value I would like to ad. 
It's funny to see how the painting changes for better or worse, ha ha ha. 
I'll have to digest it a bit now to find out the last things to ad or take away. I want to adjust what's necessary. 
My questionings are right now about the flowers to the right... to make them go more together with the top once without over working them or just leave them as they are? I think It will get really boring if I try to define them more.

This is getting difficult and I no longer have the subject to look at. Flowers and leaves are dried out, but I think my imagination is working, if not overworking... that's the risk for me, that I put "too much" of details and colors all over the painting. Another trouble I have is about the "whole painting thing"; color reactions and not mixing the color I need, because I don't know yet it exists and that I need it. : )  
... to be continued


After yesterdays watercolor I felt warmed up to start another oil painting, so this is to be continued.
For now, when I paint in oil I just start painting, I don't compose or draw anything on the canvas before, other than the image I got in my head. My urge to paint is too big, time is too short. I "just paint" to be able to "free myself", from any fears I had in the past when facing a canvas. I have to search my way with this medium and with the color mixing, and the only way to do this is "just to paint", I think...


Improvisation… mais l'art du dessin demeure bien visible quand même. Chapeau ! Et ça fait plaisir de voir de nouvelles choses par chez vous.
Marilyn said…
love the reflections in the glass jar. This is lovely, Helen.
FANTÄSTICO!! te felicito sinceramente, tu arte no conoce límites.
un abrazo
Juan Llamas said…
Fantástico. Has capturado la "atmósfera", pintando las plantas desvaídas (délavé) en contraste con la sombra del tarro de cristal.

Al final es más importante lo que no se dibuja o lo que se "desdibuja" que lo que se detalla a la perfección.
L ROSSI said…
Sometimes the best results come from thorough planning... but sometimes the best results come from just jumping in!
"Just Paint".... that's a cool slogan :P
nómada said…
Hola, Helen. Tus dibujos a lápiz emocionan, pero es que las acuarelas... también! como han dicho es fantástica.
Un abrazo, ma cherie amie.
Ana Hernandez said…
Todo tu blog es impresionante y este òleo es precioso.un saludo
Helen Ström said…
Thanks to everybody for your presence and your words!
It's helpful to have you, because when you work alone you can get lonely sometime. : )
And from now on I'll "Just Paint!" I would like to stop my brain from thinking for a while, I'll se if THAT will work, but while staying concentrated of course.
Catilustre said…
bravo! qué maestria, al óleo también, la riqueza de tonos, los colores, la luz, es precioso Helen!
Nes said…
Me ha encantado, enhorabuena!