My Moleskine today...


DesB said…
Hi Helen
I'm a new visitor to your blog. Very much like the quality of your work. The drawing of the bearded gentleman conveys a sense of intense concentration with subtle use of line. Is he drawing/painting? Is he the same man as appears in "Just a watercolour"?
Lovely work.
Helen Ström said…
Hi Des,
To answer your question, they are all different men The men on these pages are in cafés reading newspaper in the morning. They look a bit alike it's true, but not really to me, not physically and not socially. While drawing I notice, and pay more attention to the huge difference between people in different neighborhoods. It is incredible how the human being prefer to be surrounded by those who are more or less of the same "category" or social class. Guess that's how the differences are created between the different parts of Paris.
The man in "just a watercolor" is drawing, which might explain his concentration.
Thank you for your time and interest!
Best regards, Helen.