My Moleskine today...

Our last days of vacation are coming to an end. My son Alix is getting better, but we have adopted the "slow mood and rest option". Myself, I have not so fun with my broken muscle or rib... Feels more like the worse of them today, whatever that can be. I hope the 12 hours trip back home won't be too painful.
Here are a double page doodles of my son Alix, the last few days.


L ROSSI said…
oh dear.... hope the flight isn't tooooo uncomfortable :S
Bon rétablissement à vous deux!!
I like what you draw and paint. A bit sorry about the weather you got in Bretagne but this year we did not even have any spring.
Helen Ström said…
Merci encore Laurent.
Philippe, thank you for visiting my blog. I know I was lucky as finally a few days were nice en sunny.