Human figure sketch and resolutions...

Lately I'm voluntary sticking to a "realistic" rendering like this, while keeping washes loose. 
If I ask myself what kind of drawings I prefer doing right now, the answer is the ones I've been doing lately.
I better do what gives me a maximum of pleasure for some time, just to experiment and see what happens. Well, I do that most of the time, but always with the idea somewhere in my head that I should keep searching for something else. I will now stop searching for  a while, and "just do it", the way it feels natural at the moment.
This doesn't mean I shouldn't have goals, I only want to lighten the pressure for a while, as it felt like it blocked me. 
This "treat" to myself makes feel happier and calmer. It gives me a renewed pleasure when drawing, without other interfering feelings. 


L ROSSI said…
Like you say, when things are hard and we struggle to improve/develop, sometimes it's nice to have a break and just do what we love to do and take pleasure from doing it - and I think it comes across that you had fun doing these n.n
Helen Ström said…
Hi Laurent! I'm not sure my pleasure doing this one shows so much, but he is great fun to draw, this guy. He doesn't seem to take the classical poses, I see something more contemporary about them! he he