Figure sketch today...


laura said…
Love the pose! It's very evocative.
And your washes are lovely.
I like the texture of the paper too: it has a "wove" texture that makes me think of 19th-century watercolorists ... (Can you tell me who is the maker?)
Helen Ström said…
Thanks Laura, the paper is a Canson paper, I think it only exists in very big blocks and it says mixed media on it, including watercolor. I cut it down in smaler peaces as I haven't found it in other sizes.
Otherwise, Moulin le Coq has a similar one, but only in postcard size! Two extremes, we could say. :/
So to french brands. I like the wove effect two and colors stay bright.
laura said…
Thank you, Helen. I'll look for the Canson and Moulin papers.
Have you ever tried Sennelier paper? It only comes in smallish blocks (4x6 to 8x8) and is pricey--but I love the surface; wish they'd make sheets!
Helen Ström said…
Laura, I can't find out where you live. Just know that here in Paris are Sennelier shops where to find their paper, or in other shops. And they come in different sizes. I'm not sure the sell them in big sheets, but maybe yes. I prefer their papers rather than Arches for example, which could be comparable, I think. Prices are I high though, but what good paper doesn't cost money? We'll have to live with that. :)
cardesin said…
Una pose preciosa para dibujar! y una muy buena acuarela!!!
Me gusta mucho el color libre!!
All of these watercolors are great - I am drawn to this small figure ( and your figure drawings - well done) !

Good stuff!

Helen Ström said…
Gracias Juankar! Cuanto mas libre mejor...

Very pleased to have you around here and even writing to me! I'm following your own evolution and I'm always wondering how good YOU will get! Your work is paying off.
Anyway, if you see a quality in my work I feel pleased. It's difficult to work "against the wind" here in France. No academic teaching anywhere; this is "Fantasyland". Good for personal expression, but I think it should come at a second or further stage.
I try to learn the basics while working on some kind of personal expression but I feel more and more that there is no shortcut possible. Both should at least be worked on simultaneously; we can not ignore the comprehension of the basics in drawing to paint or draw. Teachers around here might not agree.
Good luck to you!