Playing with stones...

I like to paint on this "Moulin le Coq" paper, sadly enough it comes only in postcard size. 
Maybe I should paint some postcards this summer, with the only condition in mind make them look like anything else than postcards. 


L Rossi said…
Ça sera classe d'avoir une série de petits images comme ça! *-*
(J'aimerai bien en avoir une! :P)
Glad you had a nice break in the south! Though I think it's just as hot here!! :D Soooo nice!!
OH - and I see you have a new blog design and photo! Comme c'est jolie! ;)
Helen Ström said…
Hey Laurent!!
I hope you are well and working with joy!
Yes, just as hot here but a nice little wind today and not as humid as in the south which makes it not as tough.
Yes, I've changed a bit around here and this layout is what popped out. Wasn't sure for a start if I liked it, but it felt fresh for the summer! ; )
I'll try to use these postcards up then!!
I also wanted to buy a new Moleskine for the summer but I can't find it anywhere!!! Only the small size, so for now it will do by force!
Take care.
A hug!!
Polly Birchall said…
It's amazing how you make ordinary stones look so wonderful.
Helen Ström said…
Maybe only the way we look at things tend to be ordinary. We should learn to observe the simplest things, learn to find an interest in what's there, just in front of us. For me that is more fun than to look for extremely sophisticated subjects.
Wonderful painting! Hugs!
Chloe said…
This is cool!