New watercolor course!...

Starting tomorrow, 27th of january 2014, I'll be teaching watercolor painting at "Atelier du Passage" in Paris, every monday afternoon at 2:30-5:30 p.m. A course open to everybody, information and conditions here :

or with me directly:


  1. Ah Trop bien! n.n
    Dommage je suis au travail :3
    Have fun!
    (Hope you had a nice birthday!! ;) )

  2. What a wonderful place to take a class. Your work is beautiful, if I didn't live in California, I would sign up for your class tomorrow.

  3. Ya me gustaría a mi asistir a tus clases, el lugar tiene una pintar estupenda! un abrazo

  4. No imaginas lo que daría por poder estar ahí y beber de tu arte.

    Que vaya muy bien. Disfrutar.

  5. Helen!!!! que suerte los alumnos del taller !!!! enhorabuena !!! :))))

    Creo que eso se paso bien por una primera en este taller! Ahora à la cama, seis horas de clase agota!!
    je je je.

    Laurent, I'll let you know if I'll give any other classes in the evening. If people show interest it could be done, a little later on.

  7. I would sign up too, if I didn't live in Sweden. Any plans on courses here?

  8. Måns, it would be weird to have you in class! : ) No need, what could I offer above what you don't know already?
    A trip north could be something one day, but somebody would have to organize it for me, as I don't have much of connections there any more. And my question to my self would be, "do I have the watercolor vocabulary in swedish", even though I still speak it more or less fluently. :D

  9. Oh, I would have a lot to learn about placing warms and cools for instance.


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