NEW evening course in watercolor!

I will be teaching a NEW evening course in watercolor at Atelier du Passage next semester, which makes them two. Every monday afternoon at 14:30-17:30 and monday evening at 18:30-21:30, from september 15th 2014.

To sign up contact me by email :
or the studio at :

Teaching method and technic:

Learning to paint is a lot about learning to observe. This is why I teach watercolor with emphasis on the importance of drawing in theory and in practice when I feel the need.
During the course we paint subjects from life, or from photographs, knowing it's clearly more profitable to paint and draw from life. I insist on the importance of the values. They create the impression of volume, space and light, by their range of strong and soft contrasts.
While we practice the various technics that are unique to watercolor I'll teach easy ways to mix colors, explore different papers and any other material you need. With time and a little commitment with your painting activity I hope you will feel it become more like a second nature.


That looks like a fantastic class!!! I know your students will learn a treasure trove of artistic skills from you!
L Rossi said…
D'aawwwww :))))
Look at you, Professor Strom!! :)
Content de voir que ça se passe bien!