Michaël Borremans...

Today I spend the day in Brussels at Michaël Borremans' exposition at Bozart museum.
The most interesting and inspiring I've seen in a very long time !!!
I'm glad I participated in a workshop about traditional oil painting, the whole last week. It made it easier to study Borremans' work; to understand and see the qualities of it. To find out what makes it's so interesting in my eyes, technically and conceptually. Why it is majestic and sculptural.
It was a great satisfaction to be able to see his work for real. I'm totally seduced now more than ever!!
If you don't know who he is I invite you to take a look at videos and paintings in this post.
(The second video is more recent and shorter than the first featured here below, but the first one gives a clear vision of his work)

Enjoy! : )