In my sketchbook today...

I'm spending a few lazy days in the south of  France.
It´s so terribly hot here that I can only stay in the shade. 
When I tried to paint this morning I had trubble as the paint dries instantly. Next try will be with a bigger brush to be able to paint a whole shape in one stroke.
I think the heat will persist tonight, so I'll try to get up even earlier tomorrow to enjoy the fresher morning, even if it´s brief. The light is also beautiful then, so hopefully more to come...


I'm sooooo envious! I wouldn't care how hot it is.... it's the south of France!!!!!! Your painting is lovely, too! It reflects the peaceful, hazy, romantic aura that I associated with that place, even though I've never been there! Enjoy it for me, please!
Helen Ström said…
Hi, Katherine,
South of France is worth a trip if you get the occasion some time. I prefer it in May-july or september or even october. Lots of nice places to visit on the coast.
Thank you for encouraging words.
joshemari said…
Magnífico cactus chunguero, muy mediterráneo. El fruto de este cactus llamado "higo chumbo" (en España) es riquísimo.
Tu pintura, a pesar de las dificultades del calor, luz, etc es: PRECIOSO!!!
Un abrazo.
Helen Ström said…
Me encantan los higos!!
Pero estos de color rosa no se!? No me parecen muy commestibles y nadie los propone en el mercado. Extraño!