Idea for my students...

My watercolor classes make me do things I usually wouldn't do. This subject didn't feel like "my thing", although any exploration can be fun or interesting for a while (which explains the unfinished result). The reason must be mostly that I work from some picture I found. This doesn't make me paint with feeling or sensation and that way it cuts off pleasure in the act, but also the pleasure when observing the result as the painting doesn't awaken the pleasures I should have had while painting... I have never really studied animals seriously and that must be a number two problem. I rarely fall in love of animal paintings either, well actually it depends how it's painted and by who, anyway there I have number three problem.


Terveisiä Suomesta, kaikki työsi ovat todella oikeita taideteoksia.

Helen Ström said…
Kiitos Maalari!!!