And why not some Petunias before end of season?...


Helen Ström said…
Thank you guys!!
Had some problems with the principal petunia. That often happens when I really badly what to do something good. The best result is when we are loose and painting with some kind of "empty state of mind" :) The thinking is then done before I guess, and after before adding more paint. Like here some of the light flowers where added very fast at the end, spontaneously because their value and space where needed.
Don't know if this is interesting for anybody, but for me it's the most interesting... to understand the process we went through. And I think it's good if there is trouble on the way, or it can feel too easy and we loose interest in the result.
Martine Billaud said…
Quelle légèreté des couleurs Hélène, j'en rêve. J'ai hâte de reprendre les cours.
Martine Billaud

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