Sea shells in Moleskine...


Hi Helen!

These drawings are so lush. What a gifted observer and artist you are.
I have friends who will be in Paris for a few days, they'll be staying by the Louvre. Do you have any recommendations on restaurants or night spots?

: )
Helen Ström said…
Thanks Marilyn!
It's a bit delicate to recommend anything as I don't know your friends tastes. Parisian "Brasseries" are not what they were 15 years ago. Mass tourism and crisis has made french food difficult to find without going for chef restaurants and paying well for it. I prefer not recommend anyone in particular I'm sure they'll find places for their taste without me. They shouldn't chose those crowded with tourists if possible more where the parisian seem to go. And I'm afraid I'm not a night life person, so for that I'm not updated at all! :(
I'm a lousy guide here, sorry for that!