Figure drawing session...

A few studies from figure drawing session and a few words with those : 
I didn't learn to draw with "academic science". The few times I did draw the "cubic like" figures, to search for shape and proportions, I never insisted enough because it felt totally wrong to me. 
I rather try to observe as much as possible while I compare sizes, shapes or lines with each other together with the external shapes, of the human body. While I do my pencil is moving on the paper, or waiting for information to move in the right direction from what was observed. This means that I sometimes get things wrong, but I hope my drawings gain in personality this way, if I keep up with drawing through years to come. 
These are shorter poses, the longer are to come, even though never more than 20 minutes. When time is offered I try to draw bigger than this (these are around A4) and or developing details. When I go bigger I use to gain in expression in the line work, as I go faster with more energy.
Thank you for reading until here!