Musée Rodin...

Hello, wow! A month away from here! How could that happen? 
It all got kind of out of control a moment there, for myself but also my computer. It's a struggle trying to figure out how to get over computer problems. Finally I'm a grateful one, as I could by a new computer without waiting too long. New printer and scan too! I hope I will like it all. Everything has changed; photoshop, scan and the computer system too. I have to watch out for where my files end up, I haven't figured it out yet with iCloud. Some bugs are expected I guess. But for now I'm happy with myself and this installation I managed to do. I also hope to get all my files and adresses back from the old machine of course, but one problem at a time. I will be off a few days this week-end, after that I would like everything to look clear blue instead of just blue. 

I don't want to give just text messages here, so with it a small sketch I did a few week-end ago in musée Rodin. Going back there is on my to do list. 

Hope you all are doing great. I see some left me and my blog. What can we do? It's complicated to keep up with everything and please everybody even at a distance. Thank you for your patience and I'm happy to be able to share my work with you still. 

Until the next... 


Barkleigh2 said…
Helen, your work is so beautiful and inspiring to me, I don't mind waiting for your computer problems to clear, to see your new work. Good luck, Bon chance!

So glad that you are back! I was wondering what happened, I missed your posts.