Painting on site today...

Was lucky today; got out of town and the sun was at the "rendez-vous", although cloudier and a bit cold at the end. As soon as the sun comes out behind the clouds the whole scenery starts to "sing". Fields start to glow. Changes can be nice, you get several landscapes in one (!), but confusing. When light is attractive you better observe and registrer a maximum in your mind, as it won't last long. You can do the drawing and composition without light, as soon you see what you where waiting for you paint. I take it as an exercise, putting down on paper what I see and "read" as fast and concentrated I can in the circumstances. I have no other plans than just try to paint what I see. I could have changed site to paint, this time I only turned my head or chair a bit. 
Painting from life; IS life! No matter what result, the experience is a delight for the soul and the eyes.