Parc "Buttes des Chaumont" in my Moleskine...

I have had trouble being around here, after the end of my students semester things came rolling over me. At least I think I have done what I'm supposed to until yesterday at least. Off course today new paperwork posed up on my desk. 
As I'm off now, I'm supposed to be productive with my own work, which I was the first weeks, but I also took a few week-end off, got ill, tried to get in shape back with yoga practice, then I got sick again. So this week, blocked in bed, I felt desperate not being able to do what I have to do and seeing doctors that don't tell me what is wrong. Well, I have to keep cool, maybe it stops. As long as I'm not twisting of pain in my bed that's relatively ok. I'm on my foot again.
Good news is that my son got admitted in his new school "number one on his wish list". So, we were really relaxed the week before thanks to that. 
Next week I have planned one week painting in Brittany with a painter friend and college, Carole Ann Melmoux. I just hope for some sun at last (France wasn't on that sunny places list this spring). I want to paint, paint, paint!!
The paintings I've been doing lately are larger than usual and I have trouble scanning them or taking shots of them. I also feel that I have to keep some of the evolution there might be for myself a while before I show them. I have to stay focused somehow. 
Well this was a little update, not a big piece of art here, just the last pages I managed to do in my Moleskine from the parc "Buttes de Chaumont" in Paris. A nice parc for a picnic or a rest, with hills and valleys (I exaggerate, but yes a little). 
Hope you all are doing fine and I wish the best for the summer season.