"Clavel blanco"...

Hi! Here is a simple still life of a white carnation flower.
The most spanish of all flowers, to me.
(I do not yet manage to make nice picks of light watercolors so this one looks nicer and richer in reality. As I always repeat; art should be seen for real whenever possible. On the screen it's something else.)
I should be able to come up with more works soon. I have put my studio in boxes and I'm waiting to reinstall myself in a new place. Right now I feel "light and free" actually and I have my essentials accessible so I should be able to continue working if not better than before at least ok.
But first a short week end away at a place I've never been and I hope I'll be able to come up with a little sketch from there... until then, take care everyone ! Thank you for your time.


your clavel blanco is beautiful!
Lovely watercolour.