My Moleskine today...

I had time to see Cy Twombly exposition at Pompidou today and stayed for coffee and sketching a while. Both were great for heart and soul.
I decided to draw simply and straight forward, without fiddling and hesitation, using a ballpoint pen. We don't always need the whole picture, all details. Draw straight on accepting errors as part of the drawing. Stop as soon as you think the page is complete visually, when some kind of balance or interest is obtained. It's so easy to carry on filling the page with ink. This exercise as every other should be repeated. I hope I can cope with that to feel more secure each time to be able to create more interest, to dare more... to let go.
What I like with Cy Twombly's work are the layers of paint and drawing traces on each other with that energy that visually emerges! The colors are very subtle and quite feminine in my eyes. It's not agressive.
I would love to put layers in my paintings too one day!
I haven't studied his work more than today so I admit I don't get the meanings in the paintings he proposes, the stories he's telling. But there are series of his work that are beautiful and that don't need explanations. They might have needed a starting point for him to develop from but for the viewer the story is not necessary in my opinion.


Jim Serrett said…
nice post...great sketches
Helen Ström said…
Thank your for your reaction Jim! It helps knowing someone found it a little interesting :)
Thank you for your time!

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