Break is over...

This was a long break from my blog and my apologies for this to those who like to check out news around here. In the beginning of the year my son had some health issues I had to take care of and it took a lot of my then restless mind, and my time. Then we were taking off to Vietnam mid February so the whole month including preparations and all just flew away. I thought I could manage to paint a little during the trip, but that was just not possible due to the schedules we had to keep up to and visiting family and so + get sick as genuine tourists etc. I also managed to get ill the week before take off and as a nice surprise also when coming back on top of the jet lag. I hope it's over for a moment soon.
Now I long for spring and peace of mind without troubles. 
Hopefully it will get calmer to work from now onward, but anything could pop up as that's how life goes. Taking care of a blog takes time so when time is missing this is where I have to reduce my attention sadly enough. I will do my best to keep it going from now on. I find it easier to show work on Instagram, therefore it tends to be updated more regularly as it's so much faster to do so. If of any interests to you just know.
Anyway, here is a peace I did last autumn, a composition of seashells in graphite. Hope you like it...
"A très bientôt"


  1. I hope you are well now. I enjoy your blog and your art so please know that I appreciate your efforts to share your art with us.

  2. Thank you Julia,
    Words like this can make one go on!
    Sharing is important to make it exist somehow.


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