New in my website's Art shop !


Hello ! 
My new website,, is regularly updated. 
My Art shop there contains paintings of various subjects, dimensions and price categories. Bigger ones, but also sketches will be shown in the future. 
You have the possibility to sign up for my newsletter, to get informed about updates and special offers. 

Also for sale in my web shop, is this Lemon composition I painted last week, called "Melody of Lemons" (here a détail) (75 x 38cm). 
Lemons awakens my memories of my early years spend in Spain, and I feel a connection and love to them. 

that my site should be available in four languages  (French, English, Spanish and Swedish). If those options aren't available at your first visit maybe it's because of your device's settings about cookies etc, or if you use some kind of ad-bloquer.