Sketchbook page from Paris sketching...


We are going through another confinement period, but this time with the authorization to be outdoors in a close area of 10km. This ment I was lucky enough to live in a beautiful city as Paris and to be able to go out to draw and paint particularly these spring season. 

Here is a page in my sketchbook with a fountain in Montmartre. These painting sessions in the sleeping city leave a very sweet memory, coming alive again just looking back through the pages. I feel blessed in so many ways these days... hopefully life will get easier on us soon and my special thoughts to those who need it most. 


  1. Helen such a lovely page from your sketchbook. So happy to see that you are allowed out to paint. Praying that this pandemic will soon be over for everyone. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Yes, me too indeed I'm so happy for the time spent painting outside. Take care and lest get it over with !

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    1. Gracias Olga! Estoy contenta si te gusta. ; )


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