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Hello all,

I hope you are well and and thank you for staying around, coming back to my blog even if I'm a lousy updater here. For some news my exposition in September, with artist friends Corinne Descamps and Alex Hillkurtz, went very well, far over my expectations. Organizing that event and producing for it demanded a lot of effort but we were well compensated at the end. 

After the show I had a few weeks turning in rounds finding it complicated to find the energy or the thread needed to go back to paining right away. I would think that's quite normal as I also had to deal with the rest of my work. My watercolor classes are taking place still, and since then and I feel blessed with this years groups of nice and motivated students. 

To perfect my drawing skills since last year I'm very glad to have found such a master in drawing as French the artist Sebastien Jupille and I have a new project is also on it's way, which I hope to be able to show later on. 

I wish you the best !