August 24, 2014

In my Moleskine...

A few pages in my sketchbook today... 
I'm now on my "main" vacation this summer, in Tenerife, where it's seriously hot and african kind burning sun on my poor skin. Not a wise choise for me, who tries to escape from the ultraviolet rays in summer.
A part from that the sea is marvellously clear and refreshing and also the food is excellent; fresh seafood and spanish chefs are the best one can get in my point of view. Another few more days before heading back home. 

August 13, 2014


Rain and heavy wind, the so called "Mistral", this morning. First time ever I experience it in the south in summer! Quite nice for a change and good for the environment! But no painting for me... 

August 12, 2014

In my sketchbook today...

I'm spending a few lazy days in the south of  France.
It´s so terribly hot here that I can only stay in the shade. 
When I tried to paint this morning I had trubble as the paint dries instantly. Next try will be with a bigger brush to be able to paint a whole shape in one stroke.
I think the heat will persist tonight, so I'll try to get up even earlier tomorrow to enjoy the fresher morning, even if it´s brief. The light is also beautiful then, so hopefully more to come...

August 04, 2014

Reproductions for sale on One Kings Lane...

Reproductions of my work are for sale on One Kings Lane's website, under the event called "Air, Land & Sea", until the 11th of august:

August 02, 2014

Skies from my kitchen window...

A few "notes" of skies in my sketchbook... I always look at this views when I'm waking up, having breakfast in my kitchen every morning.  Before we lived on the third floor and the view was a wall of bricks, I'm very happy now on this elevated floor when I'm able to put my eyes on a distant horizon and always changing skies.

Drawing Chloé...

I had the pleasure to draw my daughter Chloé in very special conditions today. I had the great honor to be invited to join french artist François Legrand in his studio, while he was painting my daughter.
Strangely enough I didn't feel nervous in this new situation and place, but I had some trouble finding my way drawing. I have done a few workshops and some reading lately which have offered me new understandings. During the session today I felt I must draw and explore more to put in practice what I think I have learned. It didn't surprise me, it's just that I felt it's urgent!! I'm ready for more hard work!!
The drawing here might "have something of her", but I need it to get more structure and underlaying strength. That's what I should work on!
Hopefully Chloé can continue posing for me as she does so very nicely...

August 01, 2014

July 31, 2014

Michaël Borremans...

Today I spend the day in Brussels at Michaël Borremans' exposition at Bozart museum.
The most interesting and inspiring I've seen in a very long time !!!
I'm glad I participated in a workshop about traditional oil painting, the whole last week. It made it easier to study Borremans' work; to understand and see the qualities of it. To find out what makes it's so interesting in my eyes, technically and conceptually. Why it is majestic and sculptural.
It was a great satisfaction to be able to see his work for real. I'm totally seduced now more than ever!!
If you don't know who he is I invite you to take a look at videos and paintings in this post.
(The second video is more recent and shorter than the first featured here below, but the first one gives a clear vision of his work)

Enjoy! : )

July 17, 2014

My new studio...

Here are two pics from my new working space!
There is more light than it seems to be here on the pictures, but less than I'm used to. I will have to create the light I need in there, which is ok. My other space was light but oriented to the south and I had trouble with the direct sunlight most of the time. A problem I won't have here and I can also easily move tables and installations as there is enough room to do so.
I share the space with a few people working with other professions, so I have to keep my part tidy when I leave most of the time. I admit this could be a little demanding, even though I'm rather tidy myself and my technics are also mostly clean and "washable". I also better don't be too demanding as I'm very lucky I found this place at all and just in time when I needed it. It's, on top of that, only a hundred meters from where I live. I'm very happy about it!