June 18, 2011

My Moleskine today (32)…


L ROSSI said...

Hey Helen,
What a great, subtle/delicate drawing! I like the space around it also, framing the profile of the face and the hand... it seems that less is indeed more in this instance! :)
Also, didn't manage to leave a comment on your last post, but the bottom watercolour study is awesome - the silhouette & tone of the profile and hair is exquisite. Don't know how you do it....;)

Helen Ström said...

Thanks a lot, Laurent! I thought it was sufficient with this drawing on the page, I agree with you. Sometimes less is more. What I regret is my bad handwriting, I'll have to work on that, he he.
Regarding the watercolor, if you try it, you should use a creamy consistence of it without too much water (to obtain more pigment in the mix the best is to use watercolor in tubes)
Soo long and thank you again for your words.

joshemari said...

Oh, esos dibujos tan sutiles me enamoran.
Parece mentira que con tan poco, se pueda expresar tanto...
Una delicia!
Un abrazo.