My Moleskine today (31)…

I short hour to draw today, at Place des Abesses in company of my daughter. Drawing felt a bit better today. I was more "decided" and had more conviction. Then the lines come out "truer", with more character. It's also much easier to draw this way, not regarding the fact that I have to "violate" my sometimes "passive"mental state and get into the "action of drawing" to make it work. I guess this is the pure base of being able to draw.
Here are pages out of my brand new Moleskine, so to be continued!...
(the wrong date on them is not a big deal)


  1. Non mais t'as vu le nez que tu m'as fait! :'O pas très flatteur u.u

  2. Helen
    Trazos muy sueltos y personales !

  3. Helen, tus dibujos me gustan mucho y ese cuaderno me encantaría tenerlo en mis manos y contemplarlo.


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