Watercolor sketch of the day...


joshemari said…
Hola Helen, me gusta mucho esta acuarela.
No entiendo muy bien el texto que has puesto, porque google hace una traducción extraña.
Un saludo.
L ROSSI said…
Hey ;)
Beautiful painting Helen! Really, really impressive. It has a lot of class, which would have definitely been wasted on the model! :P
You don't need forgiveness! I actually thought you were very polite not to throw something at him! heh heh
A très bientôt‎!
Helen Ström said…
Gracias Joshemari! He mejorado mi texto, aver si comprendes mejor ahora. je je. No me extraña que ni siquiera Google llegaba a traducir lo! jo jo jo

Merci, Laurent! This is closer to how I would like to paint more often... until I get bored of it to move on. ha ha ha. Thank you for your words I fancy the "class" word in particular. I'll keep it in my notes! he he he
Je vois que tu as plein d'admirateurs, peux tu me rajouter en bas de la liste...
Quelle liberté, get bored more often!