November 08, 2014

Don't ask me "why?"...

Studies of onions,.. I avoid asking myself why I do this!
But I think it's to keep "in shape", and that it's part of my process. I feel a bit stuck lately, and the reason could be that I was busy with other important issues since september and I didn't have time to draw much. Drawing is the engine for me, I feel lost if I don't draw. It becomes more and more clear to me that my brain needs drawing and my body needs yoga! he he
I'll have to reserve some time for serious drawing soon, if I want to be more productive in painting.


manu' said...

Beautiful drawings,specialy The secondo one!!

Corinne H. said...

Pour le second aussi...J'hésite entre deux mots....ineffable et perfection !

Eva said...

My favorite is the first one. The light and colour fantastic!!

Helen Ström said...

Hi Manu, Corrine and Eva!
Thank you for expressing your preferences! Nice to learn what impression onions can give, :D!
I prefer the first one myself,.. I think it's less "obvious" and it has maybe more charisma than the second one.
Thanks again!