Good morning!...

Good morning! 

It starts looking like I'm not working around here, but that's not so. :)
Teaching is one great thing, I'm happy to do it and I love to share with those who are eager to learn. But it requires time of course and enormous energy. After a day teaching I feel emptied like after a marathon or something, and also brain washed. I talked to a college the other day, who said he feels the same and also that he needs to nourish himself after a day with students. Nourish and receive, rather than offer it all. I totally agree, and the whole process takes time before you're able to  be effective. But of course you can do useful things during that "healing period", but it better be a little inspiring. If you only do paper work or clean the house with other annoying occupations, it might take longer or be less effective, (even though you can get satisfaction out of deleting that kind of things on your "do list"). Go to the museum, go for a walk bringing along a sketchbook, invite a friend for coffee or do yoga are what I prefer to do those days.

Meanwhile, there is a new sale this week on "One Kings Lane", with reproductions of two of my skyscapes if that could be of any interest to you. Here is the link: