My new sketchbook...

This week I spend most of my time with my daughter so I didn't draw very much. Some days we walked in the streets of Paris... and while doing this I discovered in particular two interesting shops. The first one was some sort of old styled shop with a strange mix of nice and decorativ objects that inspires me for drawing, like glass bottles, seashells and lots of other curiosities... of course I couldn't resist to buy a few seashells I hope to show you here soon, and a simple but nicely designed glass bottle (a bit of it just here). I know I'll be tempted to return there.
The second shop is a place you can buy notebooks and sketchbooks in leather among other things having a relation with writing. The leather notebooks can be rechargeable and as I asked if the recharges could be in different kinds of paper the man took out one sample made with heavier paper. He looked back at me with a big smile, as I for sure must have made a surprised face. "Amazing!" I said, this is just like my favorit watercolor sketchbook!!
He explained to me that he had asked the manufacturer to propose him sketchbooks that could fit in his leather covers, which come in different sizes, colors and leathers.
I'm happy to have discovered this place as not only it's a good idea and a nice product, I can also get my sketchbooks in different sizes now and I won't have any problem to find them again, as many times you can't be quite sure of that. Lovely!
Of course I left the store with this small sketchbook in brown leather in my bag... and a smile upon my face.


Michael Bailey said…
Isn't it amazing how such a small discovery can add such a huge amount of joy to a day!
Great looking sketchbook. If I ever get to Paris you'll have to tell me where to find this place! Hope great inspiration comes through it.
Helen Ström said…
Yes, we just have to keep our eyes and senses open and those things will come to us.
Of course I'll give you the adress! Just ask me if you need it... it's in one of the nicest part of town. : )
superbe petit elle se trouve où cette caverne d'ali baba??
Helen Ström said…
Chez Grim'Art
59 rue St André des Arts
Paris 6e
(dans le vieux passage qui se trouve en face (ou sur) la place de l'Odeon)
et que je n'ai pas encore regardé.
Ontheroad said…
What a nice surprise, good paper, beautiful cover.

Congratulations more than a year later.