My Moleskine today (41)…

At the coffee place this morning...


Me encanta cómo mezclas y superpones a los personajes, unos sobre otros. Tu dibujo es maravilloso.
Un abrazo.
L ROSSI said…
J'adore la composition sur le deuxieme page avec tous les gens melange.... et le facon tu fais le 'shading' le sepia sur creme... et les...... je peux continuer mais il faut que j'arrete et retourne de mon travail :D
"TORI CAT" said…
Beautiful work, like always Helen!!
I always love your mark making.
You have a very delicate touch and beautifully execute your line work!!
I am a BIG fan!!

Hope you are ok and life is treating you well.
By the way, i love your story about "Mr Squid".
Sounds Great!! He looks like an Alien to me... Sadly i'm terrified of fish and sea creatures. Give me a Big furry beast like a bear or a Lion and i would have no fear in having a cuddle... but Squid or a shark or anything "fishy", then im a bit of a wuss!! hee hee!! :P
Really cool story tho, he would make a great character!! I could see him wearing a top hat and have a cane. MR Squid sounds like a gentle man/squid!! hee hee!! :D

Helen Ström said…
Hello José Luis, Laurent et Tori! Thank you, I like the sepia Copic multiliner more and more. Some say that sepia drawings are out of fashion, but that's what I try to change, he he. Maybe lots of practice and time will make the difference. :D
Tori, thank you for sharing your "animal taste", I agree some of the fishes and strange creatures in the sea are kind of scary! Sometimes I can swim really fast!! he he
And I can hardly imagine the gigantic squids that are in deep waters... The small ones move extremely fast in any direction, what if they are enormous? 20m to the right and 30 to the left in two seconds?? And then, they stop to look at you, before they eat you up if you look tasty?? he he