A special moment with Mr Squid!

Hey, I would like to present you Mr Squid!
We met one night in the slight light, clearing up the waters by the pier. I got to caresse him after watching him swim backwards and forwards in all directions, while changing his costume frequently and turning even transparent for a while. He wasn't shy at all! He let me touch his back and seemed to be watching me with with his big eyes, just like I watched him. This was an amazing experience for me, my first friendship with a squid! Didn't get the possibility draw his portrait, but I wanted to share this anyway.


cardesin said…
Son unos animales alucinantes verdad? , sus cambios de color , la agilidad dentro del agua ...
Unas bellas imágenes ! , gracias por presentarnos a tu nuevo amigo :)
Helen Ström said…
Si Juan Carlos, son increibles y que pensaba que eran blancos! : )