Le Louvre today...

I'm back home since a few days. As you can see I didn't manage to post anything from my iPhone and I hardly didn't manage to work much either during my stay away. Never mind I enjoyed it anyway.
Now here in town it's a bit difficult still, to get back to regular drawing. So I just relax from that frustrating feeling that I don't do enough, and take things as they come. Cool and easy.
Today I managed to go to the Louvre for an exposition with watercolors of Eugène Isabey. He did beautiful landscape paintings at his time, in watercolor and in Bretagne, the region where I've just been. I can assure you that he does express the essence of that coast. Wonderful work worth to see.
After that, on my way out of the overcrowded museum (billions of turists!!), I stopped to draw this greek sculpture. I didn't even get the feeling to I got warmed up with this, but what does it matter. They say we should draw ten minutes a day, and I think I might have done the double here, so I should be happy. : )


  1. There are still so many years to paint and sketch. Take it easy! Your sketches are particularly beautiful. I wish I lived in Paris, then I went every day to a museum!

  2. Great form! It looks like this sculpture was based on a swimmer's body, don't you think? ;)

  3. Thank you Renate, I think I'll have to cool down a bit more. Less pressure might do me better. I agree that living in a city like Paris is luxury regarding the museums. I love them too!

    Laurent, are you making a private joke there? I've looked at swimmers bodies tonight, telling myself I had to before it's all over without me having seen any of the swims. But finally I think I prefer greek statue's bodies! :D

  4. Nice soft work amongst the hard crowds of tourists!


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